Pablo's Birthdays

Pablos Birthday

Christian Eisenberger

Friendly Reminder! !

Philosophical Practice Dr. Leo Hemetsberger

invites at 11.6. about 20 hours into the Arnulf Rainer Museum to answer your questions:

"Visual arts"

As you see - a few courted princes of the art market. They rotate among the world circus. It's about the favor of investors who save Steuen. Museum presence is capital appreciation. The artists have none of it. They fail on a non-transparent system that wraps itself with lukewarm (ed) phrases in favorable silence.

And the audience can wander silently around the museum.

"We are no longer to be taken seriously." With this set on an early work

it brought the artist Christian Eisenberger radically to the point.

He will intervene.

Dr. Leo Hemetsberger, philosopher leads, through the discussion.

A collaboration with THINK BADEN, the think tank for Baden