Los Bravú Spain, b. 1988/1989

Los Bravú, Dea Gómez (b. 1989, Salamanca, Spain) and Diego Omil (b. 1988, Pontevedra, Spain)  met when they were studying Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca and began working together in 2012 under the name "Los Bravú," a Galician word used to refer to the smell of animals. They have developed a multidisciplinary career where they mix painting, performing arts, sculpture, and comics. The duo resorts to different disciplines to poetically investigate contemporary issues such as touristification, the life of young people in rural areas or the human relationship with digital media, strongly questioning the difference between "high" and "low culture." Their pictorial technique recognizes both the study of classical art from Greece and Rome and of the Renaissance masters, as well as a strong intention to break the story with contemporary aesthetics and techniques. Their work has led them to reside and exhibit in cities such as Madrid, Rome, London, New York, Santo Domingo, and Dakar.