Alice Quaresma Rio de Janiero, Brazil, b. 1985


Alice Quaresma (b. 1985, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), abandons the assertion of objectivity in pictures and harnesses their content into partially figurative, partially abstract collages. Quaresma’s engagement with the photograph structure plays with the relationship between depth and flatness of surface, as well as representation and abstraction, using lavish lines and color that define space within the composition. The artist uses geometry as a simple and universal way to play with objectivity in photography, investigating the limits of photography as a medium of truth and precision in relation to the condition of memory.


Alice has in her curriculum the Aperture Foundation Summer Open Prize (2019) and Houston Center for Photography Annual Exhibition Prize (2019), Caixa Cultural São Paulo Open Call (2018), Foam Talent Prize (2014), and PS122 Exhibition Prize (2009). The artist graduated with an MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009. She is currently based in Brooklyn.