Merve İşerİ Istanbul, Turkey, b. 1992

Merve İşeri’s(b. 1992, Istanbul) paintings depict inner landscapes exploring the modes of language through the communication between nature, human, and culture using personal and archetypal allegories. There is specific intent to each mark, symbol, and pattern on the canvas, yet together in concert, they seem to dance and talk their own language. Meaning is simultaneously subverted and created as the lines and shapes converge and disperse in a symphony of sound and sight.


İşeri received her B.A. in Design of Communication from Politecnico di Milano in 2014. Since then she has been featured in exhibitions in cities around the world including; New York, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Torino, Milan, Brussels, and London. İşeri’s work has been published in The Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar Turkey, the Huffington Post, and Artforum. Along with her artistic achievements, she has ran various artist workshops in London, and served as the Creative Director Piografiks Art Studio in Milan, Italy in 2014. İşeri currently lives and works in London, UK.