Frank Gerritz Hamburg, Germany, b. 1964


Frank Gerritz (b. Hamburg, Germany 1964) is well known for his abstract minimal sculptural works and pencil drawings, in which he has developed a rigorous and precise geometrical language wherein each work relates to one another and leads to the next. Works in the medium Pencil on Paper, Oil Paintstick on paper, Pencil on MDF, and Oil paintstick on Aluminum, all clearly exist within the universe of this language. The refraction and reflection of light against the graphite, paint stick, or aluminum engages the surrounding space; one imagines the work continually evolving as the space’s light evolves, but equally as a viewer moves. Frank Gerritz has been exhibiting globally since the late 1980’s, more recently a series of institutional exhibitions in Europe confirmed his invaluable contribution to contemporary art discourse.