Born in Toronto, Canada

Lives and works in New York



Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Bachelors in Fine Arts



Koki, Tokyo


"Burn Man" Printed Matter, New York


"Shawn Kuruneru" Pablo's Birthday Gallery, New York

”Compact Chaos” Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland


"Waverider" Four A.M., New York


"X-Ray Spex" Green River Projects, Hillsdale, New York

"ROTATOR" Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

"Shawn Kuruneru" Brand New Gallery, Milan


"Landscapes" David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Northern Song" Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland


"The Object is Freedom" Blackston, New York (C)

"A White Hand Slowly Turning Green" Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland



"Inaugural show" Ribordy Thetaz, Geneva, Switzerland


"Condo NY" Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York

"The Ashtray Show" Fisher Parrish, New York


"Come As You Are" Galerie Antoine Eraskiran, Montreal, Quebec


"Future Developments" David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

"Shangri-Lost" Roberta Pelan, Toronto, Ontario,

"Nice Weather" Skarstedt Gallery, New York, curated by David Salle

“Face to Face” Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, Italy, curated by Eugenio Viola


Museo Britanico Americano, Mexico City, DF


Green River Projects, Hillsdale, New York organized by Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein

"Two and a Half Men" Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ontario,

"Rituals" Larm Galerie, Copenhagen, Denmark,

A sky grown pale from too much sun, Brighton Beach, NY curated by Hannah Bunaguro

"CK One Daily" Night Gallery, Los Angeles, California

"Another, Once Again, Many Times More" Martos Gallery, East Marion, NY

"Edge of Continuation" Pablo's Birthday Gallery, New York

"The mysterious device was moving" Long House Projects, New York

"Shorthand" DCKT Contemporary, New York curated by Russell Tyler and Trudy Benson


"...But the Clouds..." Room East, New York

"Pure Image Everything" Side Effects Gallery, Brooklyn

"Grid Systems" Art Metropole, Toronto

Rock art and the X-Ray Style, Brighton Beach, New York curated by Ryan Foerster


"Gift Show" Art Metropole, Toronto

"You'll dance to anything" Ecole des beaux-arts de Montreal, Montreal

"Simultaneity" Blackston Gallery, New York



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Ontario Exhibition Assistance Grant, Toronto, Canada

Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant, Torotnto, Canada Rema Hort Mann Foundation Nominee, New York


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Special Collections of the Frances Mulhall Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum of American Art 2016 The National Gallery of Canada Library Collection 2016