Eckart Hahn


May 14th- June 18th, 2016

Opening reception: May 14th, 6-9pm

PABLO’S BIRTHDAY is pleased to present its sixth solo show of the work of Eckart Hahn.

With this exhibition, what does the artist mean by “Bound”? The opposite of freedom? The dualistic nature of identity? The intrusion of controlling interests?

In his paintings Hahn sets a stage wherein, by combining elements of underlaying narrative tension, and a physical tension evoked from an arresting representation of materiality, pressure, gravity, and restriction, he creates a synergy of form and semantics that transcends a literal reading of his work. A kind of dialectic between the “real” and the “unreal” is left unresolved like a riddle meant to point us to a paradox, or a question left hanging in our imagination. The artist leaves us no answers, rather, these paintings as agents of his inquiry. 

May 14th - June 18th, 2016