Frank Gerritz “Drip Drawings”

October 26th – November 23rd

Opening Reception October 26th, 6 – 8 pm

Pablo’s Birthday is proud to present the 5th Solo Show of German artist Frank Gerritz at the gallery. Gerritz is well known for his abstract minimal sculptural works and pencil drawings, in which he has developed a rigorous and precise geometrical language wherein each work relates to one another and leads to the next. Works in the medium Pencil on Paper, Oil Paintstick on paper, Pencil on MDF, and Oil paintstick on Aluminum, all clearly exist within the universe of this language. In this show Frank Gerritz introduces his “Drip Drawings” which, while related to his other works, are a move into a more “open” language.

The Drip Drawings are created within the process of creating the aluminum works. Gerritz discovered that the random dripping of pigment on a surface below, from a rag used to clean his brushes that had been laid to dry, creates a beautiful kind of divination drawing that became the inspiration for engaging this dripping in a more formal process. Using Aquarello Paper, Gerritz interacts with the dripping, inviting chance to find its place in an improvisational act of composition. The resulting drawings have an immediacy and rhythm unique to this new “open” process.

October 26th - November 23rd, 2014