Exhibition dates: October 16th – November 24th, 2019

Opening reception: Wednesday, October 16th, 6-8 pm

Pablo’s Birthday is pleased to announce German artist Henrik Eiben’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, Daybreaker.


For this exhibition, the artist will present a selection of new works on paper as well as three-dimensional paintings. Henrik Eiben (b. Tokyo, Japan, 1975) resists categorization by genre and infuses a playful sensuality into his minimalist constructions. His practice, built upon the backbones of Abstract painting and Minimalism, masterfully blurs techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpting—each possessing elements of the others. Popsicle sticks, neon tubes, waving aluminum, and swipes of watercolor act as painterly gestures. Aluminum and paint somehow portray the same delicate lightness and careful construction in both sculpture and painting.


The two large wall sculptures created for the exhibition are noteworthy for their uncharacteristically large scale and mark Eiben’s first foray into large-scale sculpture within his Giggle series. Despite this new exploration of scale, Eiben’s works maintain an intimate sensuality and playful approach to a reduced language through his use of joyful colors.


Weight, lightness, and color play important roles in his explorations of materials, scale, spatial relationships, and his ever-expanding formal vocabulary. Freer than many of his minimalist predecessors, Eiben’s reductive forms remind viewers of the joy and purity of the most essential artistic elements.