For immediate release



January 30th – February 21st

Opening Reception January 30th, 6–8 pm.

Pablo’s Birthday presents the solo exhibition of Michael Rouillard.

The work is about framing light using thin bands and lines in opposing directions. In essence, structure is used to define light and by extension space.
Through an intuitive process of trial and error a dynamic tension is created between the slightly longer vertical dimensions of the piece and the greater emphasis given to the horizontal elements in the composition. 
A white wall is assumed in order for the thin line of the edges to be seen. The work is not intended to stand out from the wall, nor recess in, but to remain at the wall, on the same plane, almost becoming a part of the architecture. 
The strong contrast between light and dark allows the thinnest of line to be used. In this way the work is not unlike print on a page or musical notation only with the purpose of defining perception. 

January 30th - February 21st, 2015