Eckart Hahn


May 9th- June 15th, 2014

Opening reception: May 9th, 6-9pm

PABLO’S BIRTHDAY is pleased to present its fifth solo show of the work of Eckart Hahn.

In his paintings Hahn sets a stage wherein, by combining different elements in unexpected ways, he creates situations beyond the otherwise routine world we know, unleashing a vision of new possibilities.

With this exhibition, Flood, as in other recent paintings, Hahn introduces strategies that interrupt a direct narrative reading of his subjects by placing them within a space that shifts their meaning. Using geometries such as circles, lines, triangles, and “fields’ of washed color, Hahn conjoins his uber representational and overtly symbolist lineage to that of abstraction, thus generating a hybrid expression of both elemental poetry and formal interplay.

Paradoxically, by flattening the plane with varnishes and solid shapes, Hahn generates new levels of dimension for his illusory subjects by way of the layers within which they reside. In so doing, an added level of complexity breaks us from a singular interpretation of their meaning. The result is a juxtaposition of incongruent realities, a physical and psychological deluge in which objects are immersed, obscured, or relocated. 

May 9th - June 15th, 2014