For immediate release


SUPRA Novali

September 9th – October 11th

Opening Reception September 9th, 6–9 pm.

The conceptual starting point of the new Thorsten Brinkmann exhibition at Pablo’s Birthday is to show new Self-Portraits, Stills, Assemblages, Sculptures, and his first Movie “Gut Ding will es so”, which he made in 2003. The title of the show “Supra Novali” is also a collage, like Brinkmann’s artworks, assembled from different sources. One of his new portraits called “Supra” is a figure referring formalistically to the Suprematism of the 20´s, which was founded by Kazimir Malevich. Art history for Brinkmann, like his collected material, is something to work with. He is playing freely with codes of a common memory and is adding a new part to it. “Novali” is a reference to “Novalis”, and also the title of a new still life from 2015. Novalis is a German writer with the real name Friedrich von Hardenberg. He is one of the most important figures of the German Movement Early Romanticism in the late 18th century. He was known as Novalis, as he gave himself the name for his first publication in 1798, chosen by him because it was an ancient epithet of his family: De novali, “Roden new territory”. That German movement had the idea to romanticize the world.

The combination of Supra and Novali, is an opener to art history, to the common memory, and a way to see your environment in a new way.

September 9th - October 18th, 2015